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The Golden Thread Protocol

Trauma Transformation

The Golden Thread Trauma Transformation Protocol releases the Nervous System response and patterns of behaviour attached to trauma stored within the body. We do this in a safe way, so the client doesn't have to re-experience any trauma.


Work on the Implicit Memories Stored within the Nervous System.

In moments of perceived Trauma, an imprint (procedural memory) of the event can be stored within the nervous system. These can cause problems in the future which sometimes can be quite confusing for the client, as they are not sure why they are doing what they are doing. We work the moment of freeze and switch off the nervous system response.

The Client does Not need to

re-experience any trauma.

We work on the moment of freeze and what the client is feeling now with in the body. There is no need to

re-experience any trauma or past negative experience.

No Induction Necessary

As we know, a heightened emotion is hypnosis. When the feeling enters the room, we utilise that state to find the moment.

The therapist does not need to know the story

We are turning off the moment of freeze and correcting the experience. The hypnotherapist does not need to know about the clients experience or even why the feeling was there in the first place. All that is important is how the client is feeling NOW!

Check out what my students say:

"I have been using the Golden Thread Protocol as a regression tool with my clients at the beginning of each session. This could be a session in it self! Its wonderfully effective at identifying and clearing emotions in a safe way for all concerned. Thanks for your wonderful ability to share your gift with us, its truly an amazing method.

Tresa Geilen

Quantum Hypnotherapist NZ

"I use the Golden Thread Protocol with almost every client. I find it is one of the most effective protocols for releasing Trauma and suppressed emotions. the shifts my clients have in as little as one session is astounding!

Leanne Liddle

Hypnotherapist - NZ

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” Albert Einstein, The World as I See It, 1931 The debate between realism and anti-realism is, at least, a century old.

Jenny Oakly

Hypnotherapist - NZ


Internal Conflict Resolution Specialist


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