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Hypnotherapy Training

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy inc. The Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute Certification.

available through

Hypnosis New Zealand

The Golden Thread Trauma Transformational Protocol

The Golden Tread Trauma Transformation is an easy

technique that can be added to any hypnotherapy, coaching,

Counselling or spiritual practice to remove the underlying reasons while

clients are struggling and not moving forward.

Thoughtworx Hypnotherapy

Justine's Private Hypnotherapy

clinic. Sessions available online and in Rotorua. Justine works in a Trauma informed way working on the reasons why the body and mind are doing what its doing.

Recorded Programs also available.

*Justine only sees a small number of personal clients.

The Simpson Protocol Training

An advanced Holistic Hypnosis style to allow Super-conscious to do what ever needs to be to allow the client to achieve their desired outcome

Upcoming Events

Exciting UP-COMING Live Training

Success Soul Coaching

The exclusive certification program with world-renowned Coach and Trainer, Zoilita Grant

November 17-20th 2023 in Rotorua, NZ

What Our Students Say About Us

Justine is an excellent teacher, full of vast amounts of knowledge which she is delighted to share. A relaxed, yet highly professional teaching style. I highly recommend choosing this course to become a confident and capable hypnotherpist healer. Offering the most current teachings, and providing excellent resources and ongoing support. I more starts were possible I would rate 5+++

Donna Bodell


What Our Students Say About Us

I trained with Justine for both and Advanced hypnotherapy courses. I found Justine's relaxed and down to earth approach provided such a great learning environment. Justine brings with her, so much knowledge and her willingness to share really demonstrates her interest in helping her students to succeed. Justine seems to be continuously upskilling so that she is up to date with the latest techniques, allowing her to keep her students regularly updated. I have found Justine very helpful and she has been happy to offer support when it has been needed.

Charlene Mac


What Our Students Say About Us

I have done several courses with Justine - she is a knowledgeable and inspirational teacher. Lots of strategies and information covered in the courses. Zoom Catch-ups are provided on an ongoing basis to further reinforce the skills. Justine creates a wonderful community at Hypnosis New Zealand

Vicki Holmes

New Zealand

What Our Students Say About Us

Experiencing Diploma and Advanced Hypnotherapy training with Justine has provided me with great tools in this well grounded and rapid modality. There have been hypnotherapists over the years who have evolved this centuries old and effective therapy and Justine is definitely one who is passionate and sharing her very extensive training with others, also providing a space for this community to continut to connect and support one another. Thank you Justine.

Lily Alan

New Zealand

What Our Students Say About Us

Fabulous course. I love the way the course was designed and how Justine adjusted the delivery and pace to suit the needs of the group. I learn't so much about about hypnotherapy and also about myself. The content was excellent and the whole experience has motivated me to further develop my knowledge and skills. The support received during and post course has been excellent. I definitely recommend Justine and Hypnosis New Zealand to anyone wishing to train as a clinical Hypnotherapist.

Linda Addy


What Our Students Say About Us

I have done two courses with Hypnosis NZ and loved them. Justine is a great teacher, she is very passionate and knowledgeable. Her teaching style was perfect for me lots of hands on practice so we were always engaged and eager to learn.

Toni Condon


What Our Students Say About Us

Really thorough and professional training to get you ready to start your own business. I did the diploma course and then the advanced training with Justine. I feel that this is a world class training. Since doing the training I have been supported and mentored every step of the way. Thanks so much Justine Lette

Deb Williams

New Plymouth

What Our Students Say About Us

Excellent Tutor with a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommend the foundation and the advanced qualifications. Both have exceptional tools and information. Thank you Justine Lette for all your help, wisdom and support. I should also add here, your are such a wonderful advocate for the incredible value hypnotherapy plays for so many different applications. I can attest to that with the amazing transformations my clients have had. What an exciting journey it has been.

Julie Lambert


What Our Students Say About Us

The training made me feel very confident delivering hypnotherapy to my clients. Also post-training support has been friendly and professional and I learned a lot of marketing skills and sharpened up the use of some techniques very well

Marissa Davies - The Pain Lady


What Our Students Say About Us

"I have been using the Golden Thread Protocol as a regression tool with my clients at the beginning of each session. This could be a session in it self! Its wonderfully effective at identifying and clearing emotions in a safe way for all concerned. Thanks for your wonderful ability to share your gift with us, its truly an amazing method.

Theresa Gielen


What Our Students Say About Us

Loved the Advanced Diploma training with Justine. She is such a great teacher with a what you see is what you get approach. Highly recommend out of all the trainings iI have attended.

Stefanie Schaefer



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Justine Lette International Trainer