Justine Lette

International Hypnotherapy Trainer

Speaker & Trauma Specialist

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Hypnosis New Zealand

New Zealand's largest hypnotherapy support and eduction provider.

We have membership levels and trainings to suit everyone.

The Golden Thread Trauma Transformation Protocol.

A combination of memory reconsolidation and hypnosis to easily shift body stored trauma without the client needing to re-experience anything.


An advanced holistic hypnosis process to access altered states of consciousness for profound healing and advancement.

Upcoming Events

The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy ( Trauma Informed) 6 day practicum March 18th to 23th 2024 via Zoom - Click Hypnosis New Zealand

The Simpson Protocol - Available anytime. It is done via zoom, class times to suit you - Click The Simpson Protocol

The Golden Thread Trauma Transformation Protocol - Available anytime, done via Zoom. Details above.

Mentoring and Supervision available to Hypnotherapists and other Mental Health Professionals.

Golden Thread Trauma Transformation Protocol

Live Online Training - April 27th - 28th NZT via Zoom

INSTANT ACCESS TO ONLINE LEARNING PORTAL - 1 year access to group mentoring sessions Thursdays 9am or 5:30pm

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All in one AI solution for hypnotherapists - this is awesome!

Justine Lette Trauma Informed Clinical Hypnotherapy



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